Serial number for Netscaler Devices is not populated in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum



After discovering Citrix Netscaler devices in Spectrum the Serial/0x10030 attribute does not get populated with the devices serial number.


Release : 10.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


In order for Spectrum to pick up the serial number for a device, Spectrum needs an SNMP MIB that contains the serial number.

The netscaler mib NS-ROOT-MIB that was originally added to the base Spectrum product did not contain an attribute for this. It appears that the
mib was updated at some point after and thus we will require an updated version of the NS-ROOT-MIB which contains


1. Obtain an updated NS-ROOT-MIB from the device vendor

2. Compile and import the new Mib Using Mib Tools


3. Map the sysHardwareVersionDesc OID to a Spectrum attribute


4. On the Netscaler devices, find the DeviceSerialAttr/0x3d0063 attribute and set it to the attribute handle that was mapped above (in this example 0xfff00134)


5. Run a reconfigure on the device and when done check the Serial/0x10030 attribute and it should have populated (so long as the mib contains a value)




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