The "Evt Handling Fltr" and "Evt Handling Writer" daemons are not running.
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The "Evt Handling Fltr" and "Evt Handling Writer" daemons are not running.


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Evt Handling Fltr and Evt Handling Writer daemons are not running.

(e.g. Result of running the pdm_status)
Evt Handling Fltr (filter_nxd) Not Running <hostname> 9836 Mon Dec 02 13:08:14
Evt Handling Writer (ehwrter) Not Running <hostname> 9792 Mon Dec 02 13:08:14


This behavior occurs when the IP address of the Service Desk Manager server does not match the folder name under the $NX_ROOT\site\eh folder. It may also happen if pdm_configure was run on the Service Desk Manager server that has the multiple NICs.

This behavior will be solved by running the pdm_configure again.
However, if the Service Desk Manager server has multiple NICs, it is necessary to disable them (excluding NIC that you expect Service Desk Manager to use).
After completing the pdm_configure, the disabled NICs can be re-enabled.

The pdm_configure will generate a new folder (with the folder name as the IP address) under the $NX_ROOT\site\eh folder.
After, you should see those daemons start properly in pdm_status output.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.9-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration