vmware probe triggering alarms for data store inaccessible when ESXi host down


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Lower level sources under a vmware source alarm when the main source is down.


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - VMWARE


This is expected behavior with any probe. If a probe is not able to connect to a source then it will automatically raise a self monitoring alarm. Because we collect the metrics for each individual source. Even sources that are lower in the hierarchy of a device.

We can minimize this type of alarm from coming through for every polling cycle on device failure:

Open your probe in Raw Configure, and add the below key under section.

enable_self_monitoring_alarm_same_error_suppression = true

By default the probe will resend the same failing self-monitoring alarm each probe collection cycle with the same suppression key. With that change, the alarm will only be sent when it occurred under the first occurrence, if the number of errors changed or if the probe is restarted.

Self monitoring alarms can be turn off completely with:

enable_self_monitoring_alarm = false

We can also change the severity:

self_monitoring_alarm_severity =

(5-Critical, 4-Major, 3-Minor, 2-Warning, 1-Informational). Default is 4

It is not possible to only get alarms at the highest level.