Version mismatch between Clarity and Data Warehouse schema, the DWH jobs are failing


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Clarity PPM On Premise


After upgrade or refresh, we found that the Load Data Warehouse jobs are failing. We suspect the issue is due to version mismatch between Clarity and Data Warehouse. How do we resolve this issue?


Release : All Supported Clarity releases



There are multiple things we could do to rectify this if DWH database is not up to date with the Clarity database on your lower environment. First we have to prove this is the case. Please run this on your DWH schema and check the results:

select * from cmn_dwh_install_history order by installed_date desc

Compare to the Clarity database, here is the query:

select * from cmn_install_history order by installed_date desc


If you indeed see that the versions do not match, this would be what causes the issue.

There are two ways to fix this.

1. Use a blank DWH schema to replace the existing DWH schema and then recreate the DB LINK. The blank schema is on the server under $clarity\database\backups


2. Take a backup of an existing Data Warehouse that's on same version ( i.e. Prod) and restore to lower environment DWH by replacing the existing schema, then recreate the DB LINK

Both are roughly the same so you can see with your DBA what is easier for them to do. 


Once you restore the schema with the correct version, run the jobs Load Data Warehouse -Full, Load Data Warehouse - Access Rights and you should be all set.