Issue with loading Image in Message field in Portal


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We are trying to load an image in Message type field in Portal.

We tried loading it using Javascript by loading from relative Path but didnt work.

api.getProp('bar').message = '<img src="../../../../IdentityPortal/resources/BACKGROUND/SunTrustSiteLogo.jpg">';

Vijay Mamidi (Product Engineering) has validated at his end and accepted it as a bug. Attaching comments and email.

"I have validated this at my end. The custom resource files (the files in the folders LOGO, BACKGROUND etc) are supposed to be deployed into the container during application server startup (after restarting IP) but I have noticed that they are not getting deployed. Hence, they are not available to be used via JS. This has to be fixed from our end and a new patch has to be delivered once it's fixed. Please let us know it's urgency and accordingly we can plan for a patch. "

Also, we tried loading the image using web url but that didnt work either. Attached scrrenshots in the word doc.

IP 14.2 CP2 vApp


Release : 14.2



1. Place images in "/opt/CA/IdentityPortal/resources" directory.

2. In message form property, go to the options tab.

3. add images using URL or relative path in the HTML tag like below : or

4. It should render the image if referenced correctly when you click Toggle HTML /Rich Text button. Adding screenshot below.