SCCM crashes during copy and paste to Excel


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Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint Prevent
Microsoft SCCM

The DLP Endpoint Agent causes SCCM to crash when copying data to the clipboard.

1. Open Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement
2. Open Excel
3. Browse to one of collections from which you want to copy data
4. Click "ctrl+C", the SCCM console goes into a not responding mode and after 4-5 seconds the console crashes
5. You are still able to paste the copied data to Excel even though the SCCM console is closed


SCCM is very time sensitive.
If the Endpoint Agent is monitoring the clipboard at the same time that SCCM is using the clipboard, SCCM will crash.


Release : 15.5 MP1

Component: Endpoint Prevent


In the Agent configuration settings, increase the "ClipboardViewer.SLEEP_TIME_IN_MS" to delay the Endpoint Agent from reading the data in the clipboard.
This delay will allow SCCM to complete its use of the clipboard before the Endpoint Agent reads the data in the clipboard.

For this case, the value of the "ClipboardViewer.SLEEP_TIME_IN_MS" was increased from the default of 10 to 100.