ITAM: Filter is not accepting more than 100 criteria records


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In later releases of ITAM, the filters only allow up to 100 entries.  Older releases allowed for more filter entries.


Design changes introduced into the product to improve performance.  In releases 11.3.x and up until 14.x, filters functionality had caused performance issues that were addressed by limiting filter design to no more than 100 elements.


Release : 17.3

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management


Older releases of ITAM did allow additional filter entries per its design. As of 14.1, the filters are limited to 100 rows by design changes meant to improve overall performance.

Recommendation is to examine filter requirements to either:

- Detect for patterns which can be leveraged by other operators (ie using X LIKE 'ABC%' to create one filter entry instead of writing multiple discrete entries such as X = 'ABCD', X = 'ABCE', X = 'ABCF', etc.)

- Modifying the values themselves to create patterns that the filters can leverage. One example may be to modify the names of a given value with a prefix or suffix that the filter than then leverage (subject to site naming conventions).