No metrics available in UMP report


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Could not able to generate a report for CPU and Memory utilization through UMP. it's showing " No metrics available".



Release : 8.5 or later

Component : UIM - UMP


Please follow the below mentioned steps and check if the issue gets resolved.

1. Identify cs_key for problematic robot having an issue using below query in UIM DB.
select cs_key from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where ip='<IP Address of the robot>'
2. Copy the cs_keys from the above query output. If you have more than one, copy all.
3. Open the discovery_server probe utility from the Primary hub. (Select discovery_server probe and click on ctrl+p to open probe utility).
4. Run the callback "remove_master_devices_by_cs_key" and provide the above copied cs_key (if you have more than one cs_keys then add them with comma (,) separated)
5. Deactivate the discovery_server probe.
6. Do the following for the above robot
a. Follow steps mentioned in below article for each robot.
b. Right click on robot in IM and click on Restart.
7. Once the robot finished with restart from IM then activate discovery_server probe in primary hub.
8. Verify the robot entry in cm_nimbus_robot
9. Wait for 60 minutes and check the robots in USM.


In case if the issue still not resolved, please open a support ticket to troubleshoot further.