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Can Expense Resources or Roles have allocation or ETC units?


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If allocations for an Expense role or Expense resource are modified on team detail page, after saving, the allocations change back to the original value. It does not update on the same page (team - detail). 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create expense role or resource 
  2. Add the role or resource to the project
  3. Go to Team details tab. Modify the present allocations for the role or resource.
  4. Save it.

Expected Result: We should see new allocations.

Actual Result: The allocations return back to the original value (zero). 



Expense Resources will always have zero 'availability'.  The 'Availability' field is not present on the Expense Resource or Expense Role properties page.  Therefore adding an Expense resource to a team or tasks is not going to add units.  Although the Allocation may be 100%, the Availability is always zero. 

When adding an Expense resource to a task, the ETC units will be zero, however, the ETC units can be manually modified on the Task Assignment properties page.

When creating cost plans by population 'from Investment Team', the row for the Expense resource or role will be created, but there won't be any planned units or computed planned costs.  This is expected.  The Project Manager can then manually enter planned units and planned cost amounts in the TSV cells.

When creating cost plans by population 'from Task Assignment', if the ETC remains zero for the assigned resource, the row will be created, but there won't be any planned units or computed planned costs.  If the Project Manager has manually entered ETC units on the task assignments, then the planned units and computed planned costs will appear using the population action.

Expense Cost Planning can also be accomplished manually on the cost plan TSV cells or through XOG input.

This is the intended behavior for any Resource or Role that has zero availability.  You can have Equipment and Material Resources with zero availability as well.  See example team below with different roles showing zero Allocations and zero ETC when there is zero Availability (without any manual entries on ETC).

<Please see attached file for image>

Investment Team Details


Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


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