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Siteminder webagent for Linux SUSE SLES 12 SP4


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We're planning to install Web Agent on Apache on Suse Linux and we'd
like to know the requirement and known issues about it ? 




Web Agent 12.52SP1CR10 on Apache 2.4.43 on Suse 12;




At first glance, you must take care about the best effort statement
from our Support Matrix :

  Linux Reasonable Commercial Effort Statement:

    A Linux Reference Platform is a specific version of a particular
    Linux variant, such as Red Hat Enterprise Server 5/6, which is used
    in CA development, QA, and Support, and is documented as a supported
    environment in which to run CA SiteMinder. To verify the Linux
    Reference Platforms supported for CA SiteMinder, review the system
    requirements section of the respective product documentation, or
    check with CA Support. Many of our clients use variants of the Linux
    operating system as their production operating system platform, for
    example Oracle Enterprise Linux, SUSE, etc. Some of those Linux
    variants claim compatibility (compatibility modes) with CA
    SiteMinder supported Linux Reference Platforms.

    Note: CA does not test every possible configuration of CA SiteMinder
    running on the many Compatible Linux Variants available and cannot
    certify specific client configurations.

    The client is responsible for properly configuring their Linux
    Variant to be compatible with a Linux Reference Platform supported
    by CA SiteMinder.

    The client is responsible for having an active maintenance agreement
    for both their CA SiteMinder and for the Compatible Linux variant.

And from the same Support Matrix, about Web Agent on Apache 2.4.43 64bit :

  4.1 Web Agent 64-bit

    | Web Server     | Version | Red Hat     |
    |                |         | 64-bit      |
    | ASF Apache 64- |   2.4.x | 8 (from SP1 |
    | bit            |         | CR10)       |
    |                |         | 7 (SP1 CR1) |
    |                |         | 6           |

    p. 19

So said, we recommend you to check with SUSE Vendor the version which
correspond to RedHat 8, 7 or 6.