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CA Jobtrac - z/OS 2.1 compatibility and impact of CA Common Services r14.1 going End Of Service (EOS ) on 31st December 2020


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Jobtrac Automic Automation Intelligence


Customer is running the following on z/OS 2.1: 

DATACOM/AD - r14 0000 + PTFs .. (last PTF put on in 2014)
JOBTRAC - r11.0 AM05 + SP4 SP5 .. (last PTF put on in 2014)
Common Services - r14.1 / SP0 + PTFs .. (last PTF put on in 2014)

With CA Common Services r14.1 going EOS on 31st December 2020, what releases of the above software should be run?


Release : 11.0

Component : JOBTRAC


For z/OS 2.1  then the minimum requirement would be:
- CA Jobtrac 11.0 requires  RO73335 (published October 2014
- CA Datacom 14.0 requires  RO80056 (published April 2015
- CA Common Services 14.1 requires RO61734 (published September 2013

However, CA Common Services 14.1 will go EOS on 31st December 2020 so that should be upgraded to r15.0. No extra maintenance / APARS are required to support z/OS 2.1 

The recommendations would be :

- upgrade CA Common Services to r15.
- upgrade CA Datacom AD to r15 (ensuring RO80417 is applied 
- install all published APARs (latest is SO13432) on existing CA Jobtrac r11 system 

Additional Information

the release and support lifecycle dates can be found here :