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Jasper Report - 'rptParamConn' does not exist


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When trying to run a report you get the below error:

ERROR [] (default task-62) jdbc connetion object : 'rptParamConn' does not exist - can not run report java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1


This can happen when you manually edit or alter the data source within Jasper Report Server


Release : 14.3



In Jasper Server

  1. Delete the organization
  2. Create a new organization named IAM
  3. Create your user against the IAM organization
  4. Import the CA Identity Manager Reports zip file into Jasper

    There are 2 types of zip file, i.e. and under "IAM Suite\IdentityManager\tools\imreport\ReportDefinitions\IM Standard Reports" directory.

    We need to import if the snapshot database is running on Oracle.
    We need to import if the snapshot database is running on MS SQL.

  5. Adjust permissions at the IAM level setting your created user from step 3 with read only access
  6. Navigate down to IAM > IM > datasources and right click datasources
  7. Set the permissions on the datasources folder as read + write for the user created in step 3. DO NOT EDIT THE DATASOURCE
  8. Navigate to IDM and create your snapshot.  
  9. Once the snapshot is created, request the report.  When you request the report, the datasource will be updated on Jasper Server. 

Additional Information

IDM modifies the data source when you request the report.  See below:

Datasource after creating the organization:

Datasource after requesting the report:

Report Running: