Encryption Key Required To Be Re-Applied Or TSSXTEND Run After Applying Top Secret Maintenance?


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When applying Top Secret maintenance: 

1) Is it required to apply the encryption key again after applying the maintenance?

2) Is it required to run TSSXTEND after applying the maintenance? 


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


1. If any of the maintenance hits module TSSMNGR4, it is required to re-apply the encryption key to the Top Secret load library (CAKOLINK). To reapply the encryption key, run the TSSKEY job. Sample jcl is in the Top Secret r16 CAKOJCL0 library. Change the ‘?’s in

REP 0000 ????,????,????,????

to match your encryption key.

2. No, unless the special instructions for any of the maintenance specifies to run TSSXTEND.