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Datacom DBSQLPR output 1st byte not blank


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Datacom/DB Datacom/AD


After Datacom 15.1 maintenance upgrade, CA Datacom DBSQLPR EXTRACT output is different. The 1st byte is no longer blank causing the output to be shifted 1 byte to the left. Why?


DBSQLPR was provided Datacom SQL 15.1 PTF SO09190 (Datacom SQL 15.0 PTF SO07726) correcting the following:

 3. A leading blank was added in a previous release, that has caused      
    problems for some customers, as well as adding a blank to the output  
    data, which is not allowed under the comma-separated values (CSV)     



Release : 15.1 15.0     

CA Datacom/DB
CA Datacom/AD


The output is correct after applying the noted maintenance. Position 1 will no longer be blank.

Application expecting the blank need to adjust.

Additional Information

Refer to CA Datacom Core DBSQLPR Utility--Execute SQL through CA Datacom/DB