The CADDSPLx environment's SAPI address space (CADZSAPx) fails to stay up.
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The CADDSPLx environment's SAPI address space (CADZSAPx) fails to stay up.


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The main CADZSPLx task was started via a /S CADZSPLx command.

CADZSPLx then attempted to start the various SAPI tasks.

The CADZSAPx address space starts then stops with no error message.

For example:


$HASP373 CADZSAP1 STARTED                
IEF403I CADZSAP1 - STARTED - TIME=10.12.54     
CADD308I SAP1 initialization in progress       
CADD309I SAP1 initialization complete          
CADD321I SAP1 RPI1 initialization in progress 
CADD321I SAP1 ARCH initialization in progress 
CADD321I SAP1 MSG  initialization in progress  
CADD324I SAP1 RPI1 initialization complete     
CADD324I SAP1 ARCH initialization complete     
CADD324I SAP1 MSG  initialization complete     
CADD329I SAP1 RPI1 shutdown complete           
CADD329I SAP1 ARCH shutdown complete           
CADD329I SAP1 MSG  shutdown complete           
CADD318I SAP1 shutdown in progress             
CADD313I SAP1 RPI1 ended (rc=000)              
CADD313I SAP1 MSG  ended (rc=000)              
CADD313I SAP1 ARCH ended (rc=000)              
CADD319I SAP1 shutdown complete                

The error message "IEE341I SPLx NOT ACTIVE" is displayed in the CADZSPLx joblog when subsequent operator commands such as the a F SPLx,STAT command is entered. Note that the STAT command will still return status information results.

This error message "IEE341I SPLx NOT ACTIVE" is also shown in the Dispatch joblog, when the operator attempts to start a SAPIMSG, SAPIRPI1-3 or SAPIARCH task from the Dispatch Subtask Status Screen (VOPMI100).

Additional symptoms that can be observed are:

* word "CADZ" is shown where we expect to see "SPLx" in the CADZSPLx task messages
* message "CADD527I SPLx Max Nbr of Appends" shows inconsistent values


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch


The most common cause for these errors is that the CADZSPLx address space is started as a standalone task (via a direct S cadZsplx command) rather than as a consequence of submitting the CADDSPLx initialization procedure (S cadDsplx) which is the correct procedure as described in the CA Dispatch Systems Programmer Guide, Chapter 7, CADDSPL Operation.

Because CADZSPLx was not initialed correctly, the command F SPLx,CLOSE will not work to shut down the CADZSPLx task like it normally would. When this scenario occurs, to shut the task down, try issuing a F CADZSPLx,CLOSE or P CADZSPLx instead.

After successfully stopping the CADZSPLx task , issue the correct S CADDSPLx command to submit the initialization routine. Submission of CADDSPLx will initialize and dynamically start the CADZSPLx task which in turn will start the various SAPI tasks at which point you will see the CADZSAPn address space remain active.

(NOTE - The above assumes you are using INITIAL=DYNAMIC in your CADZSPLx tasks configuration parms and the various SAPI task were active at the time the CADZSPLx task was originally shut down. Or, that you have commands to automatically start the various SAPI tasks coded in the //SPLCMD DD's (DDSPLX) member.

For additional information about CADDSPLx Operation refer to the CA Dispatch Systems Programmer Guide, Chapter 7, especially items "CADDSPL Operator Commands" and "Start CADDSPLx Warnings and Considerations.