Datacom/DB 15.1 upgrade members BDHST01U and BDHST02U cannot be found on CABDSAMP library


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The "Upgrade Installation Phase" section of Datacom/DB 15.1 documentation mentions BDHST01U and BDHST02U among the jobs that must be executed during the traditional upgrade from version 14.0, but these members cannot be found on the CABDSAMP library.


Required maintenance not applied.


Release : 15.1

Component : CA DATACOM/DB


These two members (BDHST01U and BDHST02U) are added to CABDSAMP library, along with other related members, by PTF SO10580, as outlined on "README Information for 15.1" page of Datacom/DB 15.1 documentation. This PTF SO10580 must be applied, along other ones, to the SMP/E 15.1 environment before running the install jobs.

Check the README for additional requirements.


Additional Information

The same members are used also by "Active MUF Upgrade" and "Parallel MUF Upgrade" methods, not only by the traditional one.