MSP Interface - What are best practices for testing/upgrading?


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  • We have MSP Sync'd to Prod, but we want to test MSP integration for Dev, and would like recommendations on how to approach that.
  • What's the best way to re-align the Clarity MSP Interface to dev for testing?


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  1. Uninstall any previous components of the MSP Interface prior to installing the new version to avoid any install or post install issues
  2. Make sure that the MSP version and bit level is compatible with the version of the MSP driver used (Example for 15.8.1 below)
    • The legacy driver is no longer supported, and MSP2013 is also no longer supported.
    • MSP2016 and MSP2019 both are supported
    • While MSP2016 is supported with both MSI and MS365, for MSI, make sure you have the latest MSP update installed as well
  3. The MSP Driver is not backwards supported:
    • So, if you are doing testing in a non production environment on a different version of Clarity, it’s recommended to use a separate workstation if possible then what is used for Prod for opening projects to MSP
  4. Review the getting started with the new Driver KB 93573 for additional tips/best practices.
    • Even if you have been using the new driver already, it’s still helpful as far as steps 1, 2, 3, and 7
  5. There can also be issues when exporting the same project ID from one environment (Prod) and then also from (Dev) on the same workstation, so if there is an issue opening/saving a project, try clearing the file from the workstation as per the following KB: 141777
  6. If you are migrating from the legacy driver to the new driver and using fixed work, here’s another KB to be aware of: 121413

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