Probe templates package current state (error) is not eligible for activation


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Getting the following error when trying to use the activate_probe_templates_package callback per:

status: failed
message: Probe templates package current state (error) is not eligible for activation


Release : 9.2.0



Make sure that the probe pack that relates to the template package is in the archive. For instance, if you are planning on updating to cdm-6.50-MC template package, make sure that the cdm-6.50-MC probe package is also in the archive. Once in the archive you will need to update the status for the probe template to 'loaded' from 'error'. 

Following the example. In this case my 6.50 template package is in an error state. Identify that by running the following query against the UIM database:

SELECT * FROM ssrv2probetemplatespackage where probe_name like 'cdm'

Once found, I can formulate a query to change the status:

UPDATE ssrv2probetemplatespackage set status ='loaded' where probe_name like 'cdm' and probe_template_pkg_version ='6.50'

Now run the activate_probe_templates_package callback again, and run the select query to verify that the package goes into a migrating state and then to a migrated state. This may take some time.

The process here is not exclusive to the cdm probe. It can be used for other template/probe package combinations as well.