How to determine when a Spectrum Model was deleted


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How to determine when a Spectrum Model was deleted


Release : 10.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Option One:

Within Spectrum OneClick check for event id 0x10202 against the target device:

0x10202 - A model has been destroyed.  The model was {m} of type {t} destroyed by {u}.

By default event 0x10202 is not stored within the historical database.

Option Two:

Within Jaspersoft Reporting create an Ad Hoc Report to query the Asset Domain data to view Model Handle Destroy Time information.

Additional Information

Selecting to "Store Event in Historical Database" will send the event to the DDM\MySQL DB.

Without this option checked the event is transient and not being written to the DDM\MySQL DB and the above options will not be applicable.    

By enabling this option if a model is deleted you will have an audit trail of the event.