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Finding documentation for CA Datacom and other CA products


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Datacom Datacom/DB Datacom/AD Jobtrac CA-11


How do I find the latest documentation for CA Datacom, CA Jobtrac and CA 11?


Release : 15.1

Component : CA Datacom/AD


Here are the steps to find the documentation:

  1. Sign on to Broadcom Support as usual
  2. Select the Mainframe Software tile
  3. Select the 2nd row, right-hand tile for Documentation
  4. In the search box, enter "Datacom" and select CA Datacom/AD or CA Datacom to review the whole product documentation. For CA 11, enter "Restart" and you should have only one choice. For CA Jobtrac, since their documentation has not yet been converted to the new Techdocs format, you will need to scroll down on that Documentation search page, and select the CA Legacy Bookshelves and PDFs tile, and then you can enter "Jobtrac" there.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.