Question On Shutdown Prompts With Top Secret r16 Fix SO13890


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In the description of SO13890 it states:

P TSS shutdown commands received from a console no longer issue the TSS9804A operator prompt to gain command authorization.
In this case
the command continues and CA Top Secret shuts down.

IMPACT: Unauthorized users are able to shutdown CA Top Secret via the P TSS operator command.

There is no mention of what type of shutdown will occur. Does the operator still get prompted to enter the shutdown type?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The TSS9072I/TSS9072A prompt to select the type of shutdown is still issued.

It’s the TSS9080A ENTER YOUR OPERATORID/PASSWORD FOR MODIFY ACCOUNTABILITY that wasn’t being issued. (There is a typo in the message id in the fix. It should be TSS9080A, not TSS9804A.)