UIM Xendesktop failed verification - Not able to connect to server - VM-001


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We've deployed the Xendesktop probe 4.23/4.24 on a Xenapp server.

We have followed the documentation but we still get an authentication error:

Message: Profile failed verification due to error (12) login failed, Not able to connect to server.
Resolution: Please check your connection details and retry.
Error Code: VM-001

We have checked KB xendesktop probe - cannot connect to Citrix delivery controller but did not help. 



Release : 20.1

Component : UIM - XENDESKTOP

UIM 20.1

Robot 9.30

Citrix 7.15 CU3


Few points to consider when configuring the probe:

•  The xendesktop probe can connect to the delivery controller or can be installed locally onto the delivery controller.

•   The domain account needs to be local admin, citrix read only admin and member of the performance log users. Working with a local user account may not work.

•  The Robot service needs to start with this domain user account

•  If the probe is monitoring a local XenDesktop environment, set the value of key localhost to true in the Raw Configure interface > Resources section.
Ensure that the PowerShell execution policy is set to RemoteSigned
The Query Metrics Only for this Citrix Server  option must be enabled only when the probe is deployed in local mode on the server

•  Make sure the powershell citrix snap in is installed