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Task Dependency Settings won't overwrite if new line is drawn in Workflow


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In the Java UI it was possible to set defaults for the dependency tab on workflows. They worked like follows:
Whenever a task gets added to a workflow and is connected via the line tool to a predecessor, the dependencies of the added task will be set according to the defaults defined.
Even if the task had a line that got deleted earlier, the action of (re-)creating the same line will change the dependencies to the defaults.


It worked like that in all versions of the Java UI - it didn't work when using the AWI in 12.1 or 12.2.

Now in version 12.3 of the AWI the possibility of setting the defaults is available again. However, the defaults are not taken into account when connecting tasks after the workflow was saved.

This causes actually two possible erroneous scenarios (see below).

Steps to reproduce:
# in the settings dialog in AWI go to the 'Process Assembly' and set defaults for the task dependencies and - most importantly - an object to be executed in the else section
# create a new JOBP
# add any object to the JOBP
# go to the 'Time & Dependencies' Tab in the Properties
# => time and dependencies are empty as no line has been drawn yet
# draw a line from start to the object
# => dependencies and 'Else' condition as well as the 'Execute' field are set to the defaults you defined earlier => OK
scenario 1:
# delete the object, resulting in an empty workflow
# add any existing object
# save the workflow - this is just one additional step compared to above
# draw a line from start to the object
# => the object set in filed 'Execute' according to the defaults
scenario 2:
# set any object in the 'Execute' field
# save the workflow
# remove the line from start to the object
# draw the line from start to the object again
# => the object set in filed 'Execute' according to the defaults, but the previous one has been set again, even though the line was removed in between


A bug in AWI is causing the issue.


AWI 12.3.3


The bug will be fixed with a future Service Pack of AWI.