How to configure SystemEDGE Procalive monitor to trap when a process is down for X minutes


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CA Virtual Assurance for IM


A process restarts within a short window and we only want SystemEDGE to send a trap when the process is down for greater than 5 minutes.


Release : 12.9

Component : VPM GENERAL


You can set the poll interval to 60 seconds and set the consecutive breaches to 5.

The agent will check the status of the process each poll cycle and it will only trap if there are 5 consecutive polls where the process is down.

As an example: If there are 3 consecutive down polls and the process is up on poll #4 the count goes back to 0.

The only thing to be aware of is depending on when the process goes down within the 60-second poll interval the trap could come in a little under or over 5 minutes.


Additional Information

Example syntax (trap when process calc is down for more than 5 minutes)

watch process procAlive calc 11 0x501000 60 absolute >= 0 '' '' processEntry calc processAlive warning