SRCH-02001 Error While Searching or Adding to the Knowledge Store
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SRCH-02001 Error While Searching or Adding to the Knowledge Store


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One or more of the following actions produces the error:
SRCH-02001: Error while retrieving search contents. Contact your system administrator.

  • Searching or retrieving documents from the Knowledge Store
  • Uploading documents to the Knowledge Store
  • Project > Collaboration tab has error
  • Running a Status Report


Release: All
Component: Clarity Documentation / Collaboration


The Clarity Search and Advanced Search tool allow users to locate documents, forms, events, action items and discussions.
These individual items must be indexed in order for the Search and Advanced Search tool to locate them. 

A reindex is needed if the the search indexes become corrupted.


***IMPORTANT: Please perform the activity after-hours, as it is very resource-intensive and could impact performance and ensure to stop all the clarity services before performing the steps. For very large filestores, please don't run the command's without contacting Broadcom Support***

Log into the application server with account with full file access control.

  1. Run the command: admin search recreate-index-data

    This command recreates indexes associated with data content for the following items:
    Project Calendar Events
    Project Action Items
    Project Discussions
    Process Action Items
  2. Run the command: admin search recreate-index-files

    This will recreate indexes associated with
    • documents in the Knowledge Store
    • documents in the Project Collaboration > Document Manager
    • documents attached to forms in the Project > Collaboration > Form Manager
    • documents on Object attachment attributes
    • discussions that are stored in either the filestore or in the database

To prevent the issue from occurring:

Make sure to run the Clarity job named: Index Contents and Documents for Searching. This job should be scheduled to run a regular basis to index the content data for searching to prevent errors. Note: The job may finish quickly after a full reindex/recreation of the index is performed. As more information is created, the job will take longer to complete, but it only indexes information that is not currently indexed.