CA SAM: Location of the Connector Documentation


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CA IT Asset Manager CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM)


Where can one find the location for the documentation on a given out-of-box CA SAM connector?  Interest is on the SCCM Connector.


Release : 4.x

Component : CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM)


One can access the SAM Connector documentation by first examining a given SAM installation and locating the XML files that contain the connectors.  While this directory location may vary, in most instances, the location on the SAM Server would be C:\Program Files\CA\Sam\app\htdocs\prod\docs\connectors\standard.

In the case of SCCM 2016 (2007 and 2012 are also available), one can access file "00-1_preload_static_data.xml" located in "C:\Program Files\CA\Sam\app\htdocs\prod\docs\connectors\standard\microsoft\sccm\2016" using Notepad, and the link to view the documentation is available within the XML file.

Any of the XML files in the given directories contain the same line.  For your convenience, as referenced in the given XML files, the links that are available for each version of the SCCM connectors are:





Additional Information

Each document entry should contain a description of the System Requirements, the Connector Components, Connector Function, Known Issues, and instructions on how to deploy and configure a given connector.

Note:  You will need a valid login to the Aspera Support web site to access the above materials.