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CDA: Admin-Cli.exe index output changes from previous versions


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


While upgrading CDA to 12.3 version, during the reindex step, it is hard to know if the re-index operation has finished.

The output obtained is:

admin-cli.exe index -con http://hostname:port/ara -usr ********* -pwd *****
Full test search has been scheduled to be re-indexed

In previous versions, the command would write in the output the progress of the operation until it completed.


Release : 12.3

Component : Continouous Delivery Automation (ARA) 



Since version 12.3 the behavior of the "admin-cli.exe index" was changed as the command could throw an error in case it would take more than 6 minutes to regenerate the Lucene Index 

In order to check that the command completed successfully, please check the ARA log which is is stored in WebUI\logs\log.txt 

This line will be written once the operation has finished:

Index full text search successfully (0)

Lucene Index for CDA is stored in the folder Release.Manager\WebUI\StateFiles

The Documentation will be improved in order to add this information.