Spectrum switching to secondary, during OLB causing SANM policy change


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Periodically, during the Online backup on the Primary SpectroSERVER, management will switch over to the Secondary SpectroSERVER causing SANM to revert to a different policy.

When an alarm occurs during this time, notification is sent out incorrectly.



The cause of the problem is Notifier is loosing the connection with Primary - mostly because primary becomes un-responsive.

The perfCollector shows that the available memory keeps dropping and SpectroServer uses very low memory.

The SpectroServer was installed on a Virtual Machine and the memory was shared.

When Notifier looses the connection with primary, it will establish a connection with Secondary.


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


We document dedicated resources for SpectroSERVERs installed on virtual machines. 

This is because Spectrum is a real time application and will suffer unexpected side affects with shared memory.

Additional Information

Dedicated resources are a documented requirement for virtualization of the SpectroSERVER.