Webfort Sample Application fails with error - Server CA certificate is not found -- in sample application logs


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1. Set up of Sample Application for SSL fails with error "SDK failed to initialize. Configuration is invalid" as shown below in Screen Shot #1

Screen Shot #1

2. The ca-strongauth-sampleapp.log shows the error "Server CA certificate is not found" as in Screen Shot #2 below

Screen Shot #2



The Webfort Sample Application program requires that the environment variable ARCOT_HOME be set to a location where it can save the provided SSL certificates. If the ARCOT_HOME variable is not set or not visible to the Webfort Sample Application (ca-strongauth-sample-application) then this issue will occur.


Release : 9.1

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)


Ensure that the ARCOT_HOME is defined and is visible to the ca-strongauth-sample-application.

Additional Information

1. After defining or changing the ARCOT_HOME environment variable for the first time, restart the application server so that ARCOT_HOME variable is visible to the deployed AA applications.