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Multiple robots are in inactive mode


Article ID: 195116


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Various robots are throwing robot inactive alarms.


- varying causes


Release: any

Component : UIM - ROBOT


- Various robots were throwing inactive alarms and displaying red in the IM client
- Some were Linux robots that were not responding
- Others had been moved to a different domain
- One needed the Linux firewall stopped and the rules flushed
     service iptables stop, iptables -F
- Another was simply down

Steps to take:

- Use SSH to access the robot if possible
- Use ps -ef | grep nim to check if the robot processes are running (controller, hdb and spooler)
- Note that the Linux admin should allow:
  48000-48100 range of ports and ALLOW TCP and UDP traffic to/from the robot
- The hub listens on port 48002, the robot lisstens on port 48000
- Once the firewall is proven to not be an issue, if there is still a problem make sure there is no firewall/filtering/security software installed and/or blocking/filtering   of network communications on the machine - flush the rules to be sure and retest
- Note that in some cases, robot inactive alarms being issued can be caused by network delays (between hubs and robots)