data_engine probe is not activating and Robots are in inactive mode


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Data_Engine probe is not activating and Robots are inactive mode.


- Oracle error


Release : 8.4

Component: UIM Oracle database


Oracle error. Transient. No longer occurring.

Oracle_Database::OCIPrep [QoSData] data_engine [QoS] status: -2     Error - OCI_INVALID_HANDLE     OCIEnv: 0x00000000105DE040 OCIAuthInfo: 0x0000000011D76190 OCISvcCtx: 0x000000000F85B100

Cause: The server called OCI with an invalid handle whilc accessing the region database. This is an internal error.

Action: Contact Oracle Support Services.

Contact Oracle to see what tracing is available for both the Client and Database in the event of a recurrence of the alarm. 

The data_engine is just passing the error it received from the Client (which the client may or may not have received from the database). Whatever the problem, it will need some involvement from the Oracle side so it would be as good to check with them ahead of time and have any suggested traces/options ready to go alongside increasing the data_engine logs. This will help provide a better overall picture of just where the root cause of the alarm stems from.

If it happens again you can also try restarting/rebooting the Primary hub and the Database Server machines.