Clarity (Chrome)"Change your password. A data breach on a site or app exposed your password"


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After upgrade to the latest Chrome version, the following message is thrown in Clarity:

Change your password.
A data breach on a site or app exposed your password. Chrome recommends changing your password on <server> now


Your password is most likely weak, and Chrome is alerting you about this. 


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If your site is over internet and globally accessible:

1. You should change your password to something stronger with more characters, numbers and special characters

2. If this is not yet done, go to Clarity - System settings and set minimum requirements for passwords. Save. This will apply the requirements to all users. 

If your site is intranet and only available on your company network:

1. Generally it should be acceptable not to change the password in Clarity, although it is still best practice to update it to be strong.

2. You may disable the Chrome warning in


Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach

Uncheck this: