REVMGR-5002: Exchange rate not found for billing currency
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REVMGR-5002: Exchange rate not found for billing currency


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Error "REVMGR-5002: Exchange rate not found for billing currency" is obtained if 'Average' foreign exchange rates are not defined for the date range.

Consider the use case where 'Average' exchange rate type is not used at all within the system; changing the default configuration to use 'Fixed' or 'Spot' instead. This error message occurs if the system does not have an foreign exchange rates defined for 'Average' type during the fiscal period although 'Average' is not being used in project financial properties, not used in Entity General Properties or not used in Project Transaction Entry Defaults.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set up a multi-currency system with at least 2 active currencies (USD, CAD)
  2. Create Foreign Exchange Rates for CAD to USD 'Fixed' and USD to CAD 'Fixed'
  3. Configure Financial Management Defaults, Project Transaction Entry Defaults, Exchange Type = 'Fixed' or 'Spot'
  4. Configure Entity general properties Exchange Rate Type = 'Fixed' or 'Spot' for all four resource exchange rate type default fields
  5. Create a Rate Matrix with rows using CAD currency code
  6. Create a Project having project currency = USD, project Billing Currency = CAD
  7. Enter Project Financial Properties, selecting the Rate Matrix with CAD currency codes and the exchange type = 'Fixed' for all four resource types
  8. Create a Manual Cost plan, add a detail row and enter in Planned Cost amount in one of the TSV fiscal period cells, click 'Save' button
Expected Result: Data saved, without error message generated.
Actual Result: REVMGR-5002: Exchange rate not found for billing currency.


Caused by CLRT-73368


The Product Management team acknowledges that the functionality in this area needs to be redesigned in a future release, but there are no current plans to fix this issue at this time.


Define Foreign Exchange Rates for 'Average' to cover the fiscal time periods. Using the example above, define two records for both 'USD' to 'CAD' and 'CAD' to 'USD'.