Upgrading CA Dispatch to release 11.7 is easier than you might think!
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Upgrading CA Dispatch to release 11.7 is easier than you might think!


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Perhaps you are not aware that as of 1/31/2013 CA Dispatch release 11.0 is no longer a supported release of the product?

Perhaps you've been procrastinating on your upgrade to release 11.7 because of a previous CA Dispatch release upgrade experience?

Well if that's the case, then you should know that the process of upgrading from CA Dispatch release 11.0 or 11.6 to release 11.7 is much easier than prior release upgrades. This is because there is no DATABASE or LDS file conversion needed for an upgrade to release 11.7.

There are basically 3 key aspects that must be taken into consideration and addressed when upgrading to release 11.7 of CA Dispatch. 


  1. Acquiring a new set of 11.7 libraries and applying all CURRENT CA Dispatch release 11.7 maintenance into your new load library.
  2. Getting the new 11.7 loadlib (CADSLOAD) updated with all of the appropriate IDMS SIZE, SECURITY, OPTIONAL interface and USER SPECIFIC modules.
  3. Getting all of the 11.7 JCL and PROC's in place with the JCL updates necessary to actually EXECUTE the 11.7 versions of batch and online processes.




    To assist you with your upgrade to CA Dispatch 11.7, attached you will find our unofficial "117upgradesteps.txt" document. Check it out! 

    This document provides an outline of the steps that will be necessary to get you through a successful upgrade and it is designed to be used in conjunction with your "official" CA Dispatch release 11.7 Installation Guide.

    Additional Information

    The entire CA Dispatch release 11.7 bookshelf, which includes Installation Guide, can be downloaded from our Support.ca.com website.


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