Analytics not working in CA Portal for gateway published services


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CA API Developer Portal


Analytics is not working in  CA API Developer Portal when using gateway published services.

There is no Analytics shown at Developer Portal. All the values & graphs shown on API Portal are the hardcoded values.
We never managed to see any Analytics on any of our environments every dashboard shows no values.
We are using only gateway published services, we followed the procedure in the documentation 



Release : 4.2

Component : API PORTAL


For gateway published policy's on portal 4.2.9 you need to follow the steps in the documentation.

In this step, it says to use the fragment you have installed using the curl command
From the Internal Assertions list, add API Portal Integration Fragment - API Key or API Portal Integration Fragment - OAuth 2.0 snippet to your API service, depending on your method of API protection.
These are fragments and can not be dragged and dropped directly into the service policy.
You need to use the include fragment assertion for it like you do with the post route fragment.

So for analytics to work you need to use the API Portal Integration Fragment  for example  "API Portal Integration FragmentAPI Key"  and not the encapsulated assertion “Standard Policy Fragment -API Key"