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There are two Gateway nodes in a cluster environment.
Configured Manage JDBC Connections: 
  Minimum Pool Size:  15
        Maximum Pool Size:  15
        idleConnectionTestPeriod : 600

Node1 has 15 connections.
Node2 had no connected.

So, click the Test button on the JDBC Connection Properties screen on node2
Node2 had 3 connections.

How can  connect to Node 2 up to the number of Minimum Pool Size?


Component : API GATEWAY


Setting the JDBC connection does not mean that the connection will start immediately.
As for the actual connection, when the assertion using JDBC connection is used, the number of connections equal to the value of Minimum Pool Size is set.

It seems the corresponding assertion is still being used only from Node1 
If the corresponding assertion is used on Unit 2, the connection from Node2 will be established.

Also, If executed the Test button on the JDBC Connection Properties screen, 3 connections will be created regardless of the value of Minimum Pool Size.