How can I use a Javelin flow to export two tables from Oracle to a single Excel spreasheet.


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We have a need to export two Oracle tables to a NEW single excel Spreadsheet.
We can not seem to find a way to do this.



The bulk export will create a new excel file and create a new sheet the first time.
If you go to add additional information to an existing spreadsheet the sheet name must already exist.


Javelin 4.8X
Oracle 12.x 

Windows 2016 Server
Excel is required to modify an existing spreadsheet and add new sheet via vbscript.


Find attached a workflow that will create a new excel spreadsheet, Add an additional sheet and then populate the second sheet with the additional table information.
For this to work Javelin must be installed on a windows machine.
Excel must be installed on this machine as the VBscript makes a system call to open the excel spreadsheet and add the additional sheet and update the name.


Additional Information

Javelin Version 4.8.133 will let you do this without the script.


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