Missing TCPIP Stacks metrics


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Missing the TCPIP Stacks metrics following upgrade of CA SYSVIEW to 16.0.




TCPDATA subtask is not active


Release : 10.5

Component : APM Agents


The TCPDATA subtask is not active. Try going to ASADMIN in SYSVIEW and issuing a START line command for it.
Once you do that wait a few minutes, then issue command TCPLIST and verify that it shows 'Data collection is ACTIVE', and that the Mon field contains the value 'MON'.

If you look at the SYSVIEW STC JCL there is a MEM= parm, which points to a member in the sysview.CNM4BPRM data set.  In that member you will find the following, which only starts TCPDATA if you had coded Option-TCPIP in the CNM4SCFG data set.

)IF FEATURE=TCP            

If you only have Option-CEAPM then not all tasks start out-of-the-box.  This CEAPM doc talks about the possible need to start them:


So if you always want TCPDATA task started then comment out the above )IF and )ENDIF statements in that member.