VIP login security code or PUSH popup page does not render properly


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VIP Service VIP Integrations


The popup page during a VIP login operation does not render properly.


securitycode.label, etc.


The login request is making a secure Javascript request to the VIP Cloud to retrieve data, but cannot retrieve the script and cannot display the correct information. PUSH notifications are not received and the out-of-band link does not appear.  


- Enable Javascript in your local internet security settings. (see:  How to enable JavaScript in Windows)

- Add * to your trusted security zone (see: About URL Security Zones)

- If using public wifi, a wifi hotspot in an airplane or satellite internet, the internet traffic could be going through a proxy setup by your internet service provide. While this adds an extra layer of security for the ISP, the proxy could be intercepting the JavaScript SSL. The internet service provider may have an alternative method of connecting to their service. Or, connect using a different method, such as a mobile hotspot or an ethernet connection. 

- Check security software settings that may prevent JS execution.

- Contact your organization's helpdesk for additional help.