Spectrum OneClick blank after patch install


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After the installation of a Spectrum patch on the OneClick system, the OneClick console panel all show a blank grey screen with no menu picks.


This could be caused by the following:

1. The java cache on the client system.The java cached files may be from a OneClick console launch from before the patch install.

2. Installing multiple Spectrum patches from the same install directory. If you have installed multiple Spectrum patches from the same install directory, there is a risk of the patch copying in an older patch file from a previous patch install.


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum OneClick


To clear the java cache on the client system:

1. Open the Windows Control panel

2. Click on the Programs icon

3. Click on the Java icon

4. Click on the General tab

5. Click on the Setting button

6. Click on the Delete Files button

7. Check all three check boxes: Trace and Log Files, Cached Application and Applets and Installed Applications and Applets

8. Click on the OK button

When installing a Spectrum patch, copy the install media to it's own directory and run from there. Ensure there are no spaces in the directory structure.