Enable and download logging from DCDebug in Performance Management
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Enable and download logging from DCDebug in Performance Management


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Often when trouble shooting discovery, polling and data validation issues debug from the Data Collector DCDebug page is required.

This details how to enable the debug for polling against the often used Interface Metric Family.

The instructions can be used to simply download the full logging for a device without enabling the debug or it can include the logging as needed.

Follow the instructions provided by the support request.


limit dcdebug by poll group id or itemid


All supported Performance Management releases


Enable the logging as follows. These steps use the Interface Metric Family as the target for debug logging. The same steps apply for any Metric Family showing in the devices Polling Configuration.

  1. Launch the DCDebug page at DA_HOST:8581/dcdebug.
    1. Enter the IP Address and select the appropriate IP Domain for the target device.
    2. Select the "Polling Configuration" option and select the View Data button.
    3. Find the entry for the Interface Metric Family, normally named NormalizedPortInfo. It should look something like this, but with different ID values.
      • Polling Config Item ID=71309
      • Poll Group ID=806
      • Normalized Facet Type={http://im.ca.com/normalizer}NormalizedPortInfo
      • Certification Facet Type={http://im.ca.com/certifications/snmp}IfXTableMib
  2. Note the Poll Group ID value for the Interface Metric Family.
    1. Can also use ItemIDs to filter and limit the logging.
  3. Back on the main DCDebug page select the Enable/Disable link for the "Detailed Poll Logging" option.
    • Set the IP and Domain.
    • Set the Filtering option to "Poll Group IDs"
      • Choose the ItemID option if using ItemIDs.
    • Enter the Poll Group ID found in step 4 above in the ID List field.
      • Use a comma to separate multiple values.
      • Do not use spaces between values or the comma if using multiple values.
    • Enable the logging
  4. If necessary repeat the Enable/Disable process for "Detailed SNMP Logging".
    • Only difference is it's device wide, no need for PollGroupID specification.
  5. Allow the logging enabled to run for 40 minutes minimum. This allows for the assurance of at least 6 standard 5 minute poll cycles worth of logging is available for analysis.


Collect the logging as follows.

  1. Gather the logging generated. NOTE: Do not disable the logging before gathering it. It will be lost if that is done. 
  2. Go to the main DCDebug page at DA_HOST:8581/dcdebug..
  3. Enter the IP Address and IP Domain for the device debug is enabled against.
  4. Select the "Download all logs for IP" option
  5. Select the "Download As Zip" button
  6. Set aside the resulting Zip file to attach to the support case.


Disable the logging as follows.

  1. Select the Enable/Disable link for the logging enabled from the main DCDebug page.
  2. Enter the appropriate IP address and IP Domain
  3. Select the Disable Logging radio button
  4. Select the Disable Logging button