Installation fails "Admin permissions required" CA XCOM Windows 11.6 SP03


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The installation of SP03 using various users of administrator group (Domain users and Local) and all the installations failed with the same error "Admin permissions required". We have checked for the Java version and it is Java 7 from IBM. 


Starting with SP03, XCOM requires Java already installed and available in the system path. Java 7 was being used.

This error message is displayed because XCOM makes a Java call to determine that the user has admin rights and the call fails because Java 7 does not respond to this call as expected.


Release : 11.6

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


Starting with SP03, XCOM requires that Java be already installed and available in the system path.  We need the Java 1.8 64 bit version from either Oracle or Open Java.

Scroll down to see Software Requirements.

Additional Information

Support for Open Java
XCOM supports Open Java version 1.8 (64-Bit) besides Oracle Java. XCOM no longer distributes Oracle Java with installation and customers need to have any of the Java 1.8 (64-Bit) versions already installed and set in PATH prior to XCOM installation. The installation process allows the user to choose Java to be used with the product if multiple copies of Java are found on the system. In this way, XCOM shares Java with other applications and reduces the installation footprint.