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SmartStor Reperiodization Errors after Removing Data. [ERROR] [Carver data management] [Manager] Smartstor reperiodize task skipped unknown metric ID ###


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



This article will explain the "Smartstor reperiodize task skipped unknown metric ID <ID>" errors that can occur during reperiodization after removing or pruning data from the Smartstor database.


In Pre- APM Introscope Enterprise Managers, the following error will occur during Smartstor reperiodiztion following the removal of data from the database using the SmartStorTools remove_metrics command.

  • [ERROR] [Carver data management] [Manager] Smartstor reperiodize task skipped unknown metric ID 3710852758728

This error is normal and can be safely ignored.

When running the Smartstor tools command remove_metrics, only the metric metadata files are updated. The metric data itself remains within the .data files until reperiodization occurs. During reperiodization, the EM removes any data contained within the .data files that have no associated metadata. The above error occurs during this process. These errors will continue occurring until all data associated with the removed metric have been purged from the .data files.

These errors will occur primarily during the first few nights after running the SmartStorTools remove_metrics command when the reperiodization task occurs. The messages may persist, on an occasional basis, up until the time specified for Smartstor data retention has elapsed.

In release APM and above, these messages may still occur following metric removal. They have, however, been reclassified from ERROR to DEBUG messages and will not be written to the Enterprise Manager log file unless debug level logging has been enabled.

This change was tracked as 74328.


Component: APMISP