Randomly Service Outage on gateway


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We applied the last platform update and latest CR4  patch to production. Then, we started to observe some errors in the production environment.When we disable and enable the corresponding service, the problem is resolved but after a while it occurs again. a similar problem is also seen in the test environment but root cause cannot be found, . There is a problem that seems related to reaching out to the service cache.




This is related to the following udp data sockets error in the ssg log
" assertion for com.l7tech.external.assertions.snmptrap.SnmpTrapAssertion: java.net.SocketException: maximum number of DatagramSockets reached"
This could occur when the snmp trap assertion is triggered to many times in parallel

If this "send snmp trap" assertion I used in a global policy like message received it impacts all services randomly without clear indications why the service failed


Release : 9.4

Component : API GATEWAY


The solution would be to increase the datagram sockets java can allocate at the same time.

Increase the limit of Datagram sockets by adding the following to the /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/node/default/etc/conf/system.properties file and restarting the Gateway process: