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We're running a Policy Server and when a user tries to access an
application, the Policy Server doesn't authorize it.

This happens when user is part of a nested group of a group being
attached to the Policy.

If we set the nested group directly to the Policy or you attach the
user directly to the Policy, then the user gets authorized.

How can we solve this ?




This is a known issue in Policy Server 12.52SP1 and it's fixed in
Policy Server 12.6 and up.




  Policy Server 12.52SP1CR05 on  SunOS 5.10;
     AdminUI 12.52SP1CR01 on  SunOS 5.10;
  Policy Store on CA Directory 14;
  User Store on Active Directory 2008;




Upgrade the Policy Server to the latest version
(12.8SP4) in order to get that issue fixed.