DevTest execution as external command fails when Environment variables are added to Execute External Command step


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CLOUDTEST CA Application Test CA Cloud Test Mobile MOBILECLOUD Service Virtualization


The 'Execute External Command' does not observe 'Append to Environment' tick box, if additional environment variables are specified in the step.
If additional environment variables are added, then the command is executed with only these environment variables.
The documentation shows that the variables should be added:
Append to Environment
When the step defines environment variables, DevTest appends them to the existing environment, instead of creating an environment that defines only these variables.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


A patch (patch_DE457417_10.6.0_GA.jar) can be obtained for DevTest 10.6 by logging a support case.

Steps to apply the patch:
1. Download patch_DE457417_10.6.0_GA.jar patch from the support portal.
2. Create a "patches" folder in the $LISA_HOME/lib directory if it does not exist.
3. Place the patch_DE457417_10.6.0_GA.jar patch file in $LISA_HOME/lib/patches directory.
4. Restart the Registry followed by dependent DevTest components and verify the fix.