Sftp issue with a # in FILENAME of output being sent


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CA Spool


When the resolved filename used by the SFTP protocol contains the pound sign "#" the rest of the filename is ignored resulting in errors like below:

FOTS0885 stat /u/users/usr01/sftpout/F002804.C: EDC5129I No such file or directory. (errno2=0x053B0


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


The IBM manual "z/OS OpenSSH User's Guide" that describes the sftp syntax has the following notes:

sftp understands a set of commands (subcommands) similar to those of ftp.
The following rules apply:
- Commands are not case sensitive.
- Path names that contain spaces must be enclosed in quotes.
- Glob characters (also called wildcard characters) in path names must be escaped
with backslash characters (\). For more information about wildcard characters,
refer to the section on file name generation in the sh command description in
z/OS UNIX System Services Command Reference.
- Characters preceded by an unescaped pound sign (#) are treated as a comment.
Input up to but not including the next newline is discarded."

So, this is a limitation imposed by the protocol itself, not by CA Spool.