Confirmation On Top Secret Passphrase


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The official line on passphrases is that passphrases can be implemented on the mainframe; but behind the official line is a repeated mutter that there are z/OS applications that may not handle pass phrases very well. The TSO logon screen, for example, looks for an eight-byte password, and so does CICS; there are workarounds for that, but the rumor is that there are holdouts that haven’t been integrated with the concept yet. Do products like FTP, JES, and IMS support passphrases? 


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The passphrase can only be used if the application (CICS, TSO, etc) supports passphrases. CICS and TSO support password phrases. Their documentation should explain what, if any, configuration needs to be done for this support. To see if other applications (FTP, JES, and IMS) support password phrases, check with the vendor for that product (FTP, JES, and IMS).