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Using RBM/Webdriver monitors some times the execution may be too fast and some elements aren't rendered completed and these are required to move forward. Is there a way to change the monitor speed executed? or needs to be defined on the script?  We see the see this feature available in Katalon.


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There are several points I would like to share with you on this topic:

At first. This speed execution control is only the Katalon recorder feature.

If we use it - no speed metadata is being put in the recorded script and then nothing regarding speed will be provided to ASM. It only changes the speed of execution on the client machine in this particular Katalon application.

At second. There are a lot of ways how the flow of execution could be done in ASM using standard selenium commands.

First, what is the intention of this behavior? In most cases, we need to slow down the script execution to wait for element to appear on the screen.

For that, we can use the best-suited commands like waitForElementPresent, clickAndWait. The behavior of such commands is to pause execution until element appears on the screen and then continue (waitForElementPresent).

Or behavior could be is to wait for element or button in particular, and once it appears - to click on it (clickAndWait).

Such commands with the word 'wait' allow you to flawlessly execute complex scripts.

For the full list of supported commands please refer to the documentation: http://techdocs.broadcom.com/content/broadcom/techdocs/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/app-synthetic-monitor/SaaS/getting-started/track-website-performance-with-monitors/Build-WebDriver-Scripts/supported-selenium-commands.html

If you need pause execution of the script or wish to execute it longer, use the command pause. This command just stops the execution for the period given.

Engineering recommends using wait* type of commands.

Regarding your questions:

1) This behavior can be done by the commands mentioned above. No control to slow down the execution has existed in ASM.

2) This feature will not be added likely in the future. The reason this command existed in Katalon is to visually debug a script on the phase of recording. ASM in most cases is being used for a different purpose - to run the script and have a result if it fails or not.