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This KB explores how auto-access rights like 'Project - Discussion Manager (Auto)' Access Right is assigned to a resource automatically, and why is it classified as a 'FULL' License Type on the 'License Information' Portlets and not show up on the resource administration access rights listing.



Release : All supported releases

Component : Clarity PPM Administration


Project - Discussion Manager (Auto) - Full License Type
This right is automatically created for the user who creates a project. It makes the creator of the project the collaboration manager. The user can subsequently grant Collaboration Manager rights to additional resources or revoke this right by changing it to participant.

Project - Participant (Auto) - Restricted License Type
A user assigned to a project as a project participant will automatically be assigned this right. The right allows the user access to Action Items, Project Calendar, Document Manager and Discussions.

In addition to the description provided in the application for this right, the right can be automatically assigned when an end-user is added as a Collaboration Manager to a project by another Collaboration Manager. Conversely, the right is removed when an end-user is removed from a project as a Collaboration Manager.

An end-user with 'Project - Create' Access Rights will be allowed to create projects and thereby automatically marked as a Collaboration Manager on the project they create.

As a Collaboration Manager on a project, the end-user can add other resources as a Participant and then mark the participant as a 'Collaboration Manager' on the project so that the project will have multiple Collaboration Managers. Resources added in this manner do not need to have any other Access rights; simply adding the new resource to the project as a Collaboration Manager will assign automatic rights to view and manage the project in the capacity of a Collaboration Manager. The newly added Collaboration Managers will now both have 'Project - Discussion Manager (Auto)' and 'Project - Participant (Auto)' Access Rights appear on the 'License Information' Portlets.

The 'Project - Discussion Manager (Auto)' Access Right only appears on the 'License Information' Portlets. It does not appear on the Resource properties Access Rights listing.

The 'Project - Participant (Auto)' Access Right only appears on the 'License Information' Portlets. It does not appear on the Resource properties Access Rights listing.

The resource will appear with the two access rights on the 'License Information' Portlets if the Resource 'User' is 'Active'. To check the resource status, go to Administration > Resources.

It does not matter if the project status is 'Active' or 'Inactive', as long as the resource is marked as a Collaboration Manager, the License Information will appear.

Access Rights are automatically removed when any 'Inactive' projects that are marked for deletion and the 'Delete Investments' job successfully executes.

The 'Project - Discussion Manager(Auto)' access right is automatically removed when the resource is removed from a project as a Collaboration Manager. To have this right not appear at all on the License Information Portlets for this resource, the end-user must be removed as a Collaboration Manager from ALL existing (active or inactive) investments in the system.


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